Aqua Environment Company Profile
Don Slack, AE founder, and President tested his experimental dive rig in the Detroit River in 1955.

Aqua Environment Co. was established in 1967. We began designing and manufacturing high-pressure valves in 1976, and incorporated in the state of California in 1981. For over 30 years Aqua Environment has been designing and producing high-quality valves, regulators, adapters, indicators, switches, filters, and other components for high-pressure gas and liquid service. Our products are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested at our facilities in San Rafael, California which is just north of San Francisco. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products at a reasonable price.

Typical pressure ratings for our products are 6000 to 7000 psi. They are offered in either 1/4″ or 1/2″ pipe sizes. Applications include:

  • Air compressor systems for firefighters or diving breathing air.
  • Air and gas systems for commercial, military, and sport diving.
  • Gas delivery systems for CNG (compressed natural gas).
  • Control regulators for industrial pump shaft seals.
  • Gas regulation for fire suppression systems.
  • Cryogenic gas controlling.
  • Amplified regulator control for high-pressure injection molding applications.
  • Sequential storage tank control for cascade bank filling.

Aqua Environment products can be used alone or in combination to provide numerous fluid flow functions. For example, the standard or high-flow air-operated valves can be used with a low-pressure air solenoid valve to replace a more expensive high-pressure solenoid valve. We urge you to call us to discuss your applications and requirements. We are happy to provide no-charge design and engineering assistance.