Aqua Environment Warranty Policy

Aqua Environment warrants goods manufactured by it to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a 1.5 year period from the date of assembly. Aqua Environment Inc. has traditionally followed a generous warranty policy. This policy will continue and is given in the following guidelines based on age of the part. Age of parts are determined by either stamped manufacture dates on larger components such as regulators or by estimated sales date on smaller components.

Age of Part (yrs) Cost of Repair
0 - 1.5 No charge repair or no charge replacement *
1.5 - 3 Repair costs (parts & labor) or 50% credit on new replacement *
3 - 4 Repair costs or25% credit on new replacement *
> 4 Repair costs if repairable No credit on new replacement

Typically, cost of parts will be the cost of a repair kit as listed on the price sheet. Labor will typically range from $3 to $20.

Parts that are obviously damaged through misuse may not fall under the above guidelines.
We encourage you to return parts to us for repair when time allows.

When shipping parts back to Aqua Environment, please ensure that the parts are packaged properly to prevent damage during shipment. We cannot provide refunds for parts that are damaged or lost during shipment.

*Aqua Environment will determine whether part repair or replacement is more cost effective.

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